Rogue River fishing lodge trips

This Rogue River fishing report page is created as a tool for you to learn about present fishing conditions. We will offer Chinook salmon reports in the Spring and Fall. Coho fishing reports in the Fall. Steelhead fishing reports July through May. If the report seems out of date it is because I have been fishing everyday. Click on the Rogue River lodge fishing trip link above for more information or call our office at 541-830-3388 or toll free at 877-21-River (877-217-4837).

Rogue River Winter steelhead report.

Rain, snow, and cold weather. Typical Winter steelhead fishing weather. But not always. We had 50 degree weather, sunshine, beautiful weather and once the water warmed up about a degree we had great fishing too. Here is one of the fresh Winter 'steelies' we caught today. Ended up with nine fish, lots of 1/2 pounders and several adults. Its just starting to get good so pick a day and lets go Winter steelhead fishing.

Chetco River Chinook salmon report.

Got a couple of experimental gLoomis noodle rods from Bruce Holt to try out. So we took them to the Chetco River for a little Chinook salmon fishing. They were both 9'6" noodle rods. One was rated 4-8# test and the other was rated 6-10# test. The 6-10# test rod handled this 18 pound Chinook great, though we had to chase the fish over a 1/2 mile of river with fast current and rapids. We ended up with 4 Chinook for the day, all side drifting roe.

Rogue River Canyon salmon, steelhead report.

Our 2008 Fall Lower Rogue River Canyon trips experienced the best fishing in five years. We had the largest run of '1/2 pounder' steelhead in 10 years, over 255, 000 fish. We had the largest run of Jack Chinook salmon in 3 years. We had a very large run of 2 year old adult Chinook salmon. Whats this mean? 2009 should have a very large run of adult 2 year old steelhead, a large run of 2 year old adult Chinook salmon and a large run of 3 year old adult Chinook salmon. Here is a picture of our guide Andy Buckingham with Susie Frey and the very nice adult Chinook salmon she caught.

Upper Rogue River steelhead report

As of April 14, the flow out of William Jess Dam (Lost Creek) was 1,400 cubic feet per second and the outflow temperature was 47 degrees. 6,415 winter steelhead and no chinook salmon have been counted at Gold Ray Dam as of April 10. No Spring salmon have been counted over the dam yet. Steelhead fishing has been fair in the cooler, lower water. One of our guides, Ben Bansen fished Tuesday and caught 4 adult steelhead. Sorry, he forgot his camera.

Middle Rogue River steelhead report

Several nice fish were caught by one of our guides, Andy Buckingham, and his guests. These were caught in the middle Rogue River section of the river near Grants, Oregon. Here are some pictures.

Middle Rogue River steelhead report

Higher water spread the fish out a bit today but warmer water put them on the bite. Guide Andy Buckingham, was able to find some biters for his fishing guests today. 'We had some huge fish on today. Hooked 7 steelhead side drifting roe. Boated 5 steelhead, three marked fish and two unmarked steelhead'. Here is a picture of the biggest unmarked fish. It was released unharmed to be caught on another trip.

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